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About Us

Our Vision

PeepMe is a Celebration of Adult Creators.

Our Mission

We're building the first Platform Cooperative exclusively for Adult Creators because we believe the path to economic liberation begins with community ownership & governance of our marketplaces.

Our Story

We are a family of change-the-world Sex-Workers, Adult Creators, and Adult Service Professionals who are unapologetically pro-sex and pro-sex work. We are fierce advocates for our community and not only do we seek to change how “Adult” is done; we represent the next generation of Adult Industry leaders.

Our Values

  • We are an "Adult only, Adult always" company.
  • We believe Platform Cooperativism is the future of the adult industry.
  • We empower Adult Creators via an expert suite of tools all in one place.
  • We are a “Purpose Over Profit” company. Profit-sharing and governance rights are integral to our creator experience.
  • Giving back is not just a philosophy for us. Tithing 10% to Sex Worker-led organizations is built into our business model.
  • We are an Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression driven company.
  • We seek to normalize Adult work as a tool for economic liberation.
  • We will actively engage in the issues that affect us and our community, and we support the decriminalization of all forms of sex work.

J. Owen

President & Co-Founder

J Owen has over 20 years of experience in the adult industry. She is a self-driven entrepreneur in a field where professionalism and business savvy make the difference between surviving and thriving.

Donia Love

CEO & Co-Founder

Dog mom, Queerio and Business Development Dynamo with 16 years experience in the adult industry. I am unapologetically passionate about the Adult industry and supporting the Sex Workers and Adult creators that make it possible.

Kirsty D.

Global Project Manager

Is a manager and organizer with a wild side. She loves to pull all the pieces and people together to bring projects to fruition and does it with a spark of creativity. Kirsty brings to the table experience from a popular adult industry platform and over 10 years of project management in various other entertainment fields.

Sabra Jewell Love

Customer Experience Emissary

15+ years Freelance Marketing and Business Development, 10+ years focus in the Adult Entertainment Industry, Secret Agent SideKick specializing in online Client Services with a focus in Safety and Security, Content Writing, Marketing, and Business Development for Sex Workers

Strippers United

Coop Design & Advisory

Strippers United is committed to dismantling systemic oppression by elevating the voices of the marginalized, most vulnerable in our community. We aim to dismantle racist and discriminatory practices within our industry and prioritize disability justice for sex workers. We are dedicated to lateral power, radical redistribution of wealth, and restorative justice.


Coop Design Lead & Advisor

Summer is a Strippers United member and ambassador to PeepMe, a current cam model with 5+ years’ experience, and a sex worker organizer who believes in the future of a cooperatized online sex work industry. She loves sex worker solidarity, community building, and baby goats. She frequently asks herself: what would Sarah Schulman do?


Coop Design Lead & Advisor

She / They
Jozey is a mixed queer stripper, aspiring herbalist and performance artist. They are passionate about equitable working conditions, the abolishment of wage theft, and committed to the healing of swers with trauma-informed healing spaces. Her decolonial frameworks towards liberation seeking to undo the harms of capitalism, sexism, and patriarchy.

Selena The Stripper

DEI Lead

Selena The Stripper is a sex worker, writer, podcaster, and community organizer. Fae is the DEI Lead for PeepMe. Selena is the president of Strippers United, a coalition of strippers and sex workers working together to end discrimination and to decriminalize sex work across the United States and beyond. Fae hosts Heaux in the Kneaux, a weekly podcast about sex work, by and for sex workers. Selena is the author of a personal blog about their adventures as a stripper and escort, which can be found on Patreon @therealprettyboygirl. Fae is a resident author with Berlinable, a Berlin-based erotica publication. Follow Selena on Instagram @prettyboygirl.